Showing the world how to create a bestselling concept across film, games, books, comics and VR. How to make a living in not just one of these media but across all these fields with Masterclasses and Breakout workshops. Next event will be a one day event in Dublin.

“We live in an increasingly cross-media age, and I know first-hand that a writer’s career can depend on their ability to navigate the pitfalls of working in different media. It’s a pleasure to be invited to a conference focusing on this often-overlooked aspect of the writing life.”

Antony Johnston, New York Times Bestseller, work includes Dead Space & Graphic Novel,  THE COLDEST CITY a.k.a. ATOMIC BLONDE with Charlize Theron.


The WRITERS GAME premier event took place at ODEON cinemas at the POINT SQUARE in Dublin, Ireland.

Presented by some of the best global content creators from the worlds of Film, Games, Books, Comics and VR, they shared their personal tips and tricks hard earned over decades of careers. Now that is what you call accelerated learning.

They are writers who love what they do and love to share.

Over two days, 140 creatives joined together. for 6 hours of masterclasses, 18 hours of deep dive workshops, and networked in an incredibly friendly and and approachable atmosphere. 

In our 6 hours of masterclasses our creatives were given the tools they need to write across multiple industries and to become a sustainable creative enterprise.

Our 3 Breakout Workshops for this event were 18 hours of deep dive learning content in Film and Books, Games, and Virtual Reality.



Glenn Meade, has written more than 13 books, many of them translated into more then 30 languages.

We created 3 short videos to show you 3 incredible story tips from one of the world’s leading story tellers.

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“I attended one Glenn Meade’s writing courses and couldn’t believe I was getting this intensive teaching from a NY Times bestselling author. Glenn improved my writing dramatically and helped me reach the stage where I have had a published bestseller and write a weekly opinion column in the Irish Independent. Attending Glenn’s courses was the best thing I ever did!”

– Paul McNeive, Motivational Speaker and Author

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