Bringing together film, gaming, publishing and virtual reality writers for a world-first event

The creative industries can only evolve by welcoming more diverse creatives into the game


WRITERS GAME will bring together leaders from the film, gaming, publishing and virtual reality industries for two days of masterclasses
Up-and-coming writers will learn how to excel in writing for these industries and have the opportunity to network with bestselling authors, virtual reality pioneers, comic book creators, award winning game designers and world-class screenwriters

Dublin, Ireland

Saturday and Sunday
November 17th to 18th, 2018

WRITERS GAME are proud to be in association with interrogate. Producing award winning content, they represent incredible directors, such as Vince Gilligan, Josh Boland and work directly with Disney, Marvel, and Lucas Films among others.

Check out the trailers relating to our speakers’ work: GAME OF THRONES, STAR WARS, STAR TREK and WRITERS GAME.

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Watch and get inspired by the incredible talent of our speakers

Our Speakers

Bridging The Gap Between Writing Film, Games, Books

Our mission is to educate and enable diverse writers from all backgrounds to create groundbreaking creative content for the film, VR. gaming and publishing industries.



Do you have a brilliant novel brewing? Can’t get those crazy game characters out of your head? Spend your days dreaming about scripts?  WRITERS GAME is the event for you.

Over two days of masterclasses led by some of the world’s leading storytellers, we will present attendees with the tools to bring their stories to life on screen and on the page.

WRITERS GAME is designed to help attendees master the art of writing great narratives that capture the imagination.

What sets WRITERS GAME apart?
As the media landscape evolves and overlaps, the opportunities for creative and passionate writers to dominate in all three industries are huge. We want attendees to not only learn how to excel in their chosen writing field, but also how to bridge the gap between the film, VR, publishing and gaming industries.


The focus of WRITERS GAME is crafting stories. Whether you want to break into film or VR, write a bestselling novel or get ahead in the gaming world, there’ll be a world-class writer on hand to inspire you with a masterclass. 

The media revolution is happening - it’s time to get in on the game

Writers can now not only reach the top of the game in different genres, but also across writing fields

If I write for one industry, I can’t write for another, right?

Wrong. Our writers cross all fields. Our game designers, for example Toiya Kristen Finley and Jessica Sliwinski  are also published authors. At WRITERS GAME you’ll be shown what it takes to do both and more.

What will I learn at WRITERS GAME?

There are elements that every winning concept MUST have. The best games, screenplays and novels all possess similar traits. Our live masterclasses will help you command these skills in your writing.

Making media more inclusive

The WRITERS GAME team and our speakers are a very distinct group of people. This isn’t by design, but simply by the natural laws of connection.

We want to encourage diversity in the media. How? By enabling gifted and driven writers to succeed, no matter what their background, race or gender.

We are reserving sponsored places and are actively seeking sponsorship from companies who wish to assist us with those as well as helping women, minorities and those kept on the fringes by place, race or circumstance. If you are interested in sponsoring those places, please contact us …

The creative industries can only evolve by welcoming more diverse creatives into the game.


Enter the Story Pitch Contest!

To celebrate the launch of WRITERS GAME, we are running a once in a lifetime opportunity for three lucky writers with a PITCH YOUR STORY competition

Open to all writers worldwide, there are four prizes: Three lucky novelists will receive personal mentoring from best selling author, Glenn Meade, a speaker at WRITERS GAME in November with an option to accept a free ticket for entry to our WG event in November. One winner will receive a ticket to the WG event in November. ALL entrants will receive access to our filmed Masterclasses for our WG event in November.

Attendance at WRITERS GAME in New York is not required

Enter the Story Pitch Contest!

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