Coming soon, personal mentoring with Bestselling Author Glenn Meade, tickets to one of our events and access to our programs.

Attendance at the WRITERS GAME event is not required.

To celebrate the launch of WRITERS GAME, we are holding a competition for novelists worldwide. Three people will receive personal mentoring from New York Times Bestselling Author, Glenn Meade. Glenn is a speaker at the Writers Game event and his books have been translated into over 26 languages, as well as tickets to one of our WRITERS GAME event worth $799, ALL entrants will receive access to filmed content/classes from our WG event, NOV 18.

“Glenn helped me to get my novel published. He helped me with both structure and character and helped considerably to give me the confidence to move forward. He also provided real support way beyond what was required of him. I highly recommend Glenn’s collaboration. My novels are now translated into ten languages and published in over twenty countries.”

– Laurence O’Bryan, Author The Istanbul Puzzle and other novels

To be in with the opportunity to work alongside this critically acclaimed author we want YOU to pitch your story idea to us. No matter what stage you are at in the process Glenn will be your mentor, guiding you until your novel is ready to be submitted to an agent/publisher.

“Meade’s scintillating characterization and brilliant plot has you bound to your armchair. Be assured you will loose sleep–this book is extremely unputdownable. It is reassuring to know there is a worthy successor to Forsyth and Ludlum.”

To enter, submit your piece below following the submission guidelines. Please see the competition terms and conditions below as well. We look forward to reading your entries and starting this journey with you.

“Glenn Meade writes scenes as though they were shot from a gun, and the impact as you turn each page is often just as powerful.”

Please see the submission guidelines and competition rules and limits.


To enter, please use the same format as the examples below.

The format for the competition is known as the “first pass”. Authors and other writer’s use this to submit their ideas to their agent and publisher. It requires you to shrink your story down to a two-page overview, allowing others to grasp the essence of your unique story.

By submitting your work in this format it will allow you to entice the reader into your story. The idea is to leave them wanting more. If it is not something that grabs people’s attention then you can move onto your next idea, saving you time. This is an incredibly useful technique to try with all of your writing. Test your results with your friends and judge their reactions. You may discover that you are onto the next big story.

Your story must be submitted in this format and in no more than two pages.

Below are two examples to get you started. The first is from thriller writer, Ray Ronan. The second is from Glenn Meade’s book “Unquiet Ghosts”.

Example 1                 Example 2